Personality Edit

Due to Adranus' appearance he comes of as nothing more than a primitive brute to most people. Although he does have a huge lust for battle and lives like quite a savage, his personality is quite welcoming and friendly.

As a Sanctuary Guardian he is obligated to keep any outsiders away from his grounds. His Sanctuary, Ignis Magna, is a mostly dry wasteland filled with deserts, stone hills and predatory animals. If those who enter his Sanctuary seem harmless, he will simply ask them to leave. However, if he thinks someone looks strong enough he will challenge them to a duel. He will refrain from fatally wounding those he beats, but does not shy away from killing if need be.

Appearance Edit

Adranus' large and masculine body is clad in torn up pants and a few bandages. Wrapped around his waist is a dark red cloth and the hide of a tiger. He doesn't wear much else besides this, leaving his torso mostly uncovered. His body sports quite a number of scars, the most serious one being from a wound to his left eye, which is covered up by a stone eye patch. His hair is long and unkempt and his beard is thick and messy.

Trivia Edit

  • Adranus is the tallest of the six Sanctuary Guardians and is physically the strongest, however he is nowhere near being the brightest or most agile.
  • The two Sanctuary Guardians Adranus gets along with most are Dhara and Nephthys.
  • Contrariwise, his bond with his older sister Mazu is very weak. This is due to Mazu's resentment of Adranus' unhygienic and rather primitive lifestyle.
  • Adranus, like his fellow Sanctuary Guardians, was created directly by a god. Because of this he will always look like someone in his late 30's and will not die of old age.
  • Being a Sanctuary Guardian grants Adranus a few useful perks and abilities. One of these abilities is that he is naturally good at controlling the six basic elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark, with Fire being the element he is best at. He is also able to sense even the smallest sources of life.
  • When Adranus is present in Ignis Magna his abilities and physical capabilities are significantly boosted.