Appearance Edit

Asmodeus is rather tall and has quite a curvaceous and feminine physique, looking to be around 30 years old. She has light purple skin and long wavy dark pink hair. She has black sclera and her left eye is pink, while her right eye is yellow. She has six curved purple horns, three on either side of her head, that all point backwards. Her wings are a lot slimmer than those of most demons, starting at her lower back and curving upwards, but they are still rather wide to make up for the lost length. She has two slim tails, one being dark purple and the other being dark pink, that both end in a heart shape. She is usually seen wearing fancy dresses that are rather revealing and also commonly wears a monocle and dark purple lipstick.

Trivia Edit

  • Asmodeus has six horns, which is more than any other Demon Lord.
  • Asmodeus is the only one of the original seven Demon Lords that identifies as two species. This could explain why she has the most horns.