Card Angels are, unlike normal Angels, not necessarily of heavenly origin. A Card Angel can be of any race; it is a promotion of sorts.

Four of the Seven Heavenly Virtues own a set of playing cards they can bestow upon anyone they wish, save for anyone who has already received one of said playing cards, or anyone with demonic blood or an otherwise very tainted soul. Any who receives one of these cards is granted power much more immense than that of a normal Angel, or even a Great Angel for that matter.

While Card Angels are an unofficial race in a way, they can most certainly reproduce. If a Card Angel has a child then whichever card they previously had will be passed down onto said child. In the uncommon scenario that two Card Angels have a child, then whichever parent has the weaker card will have their card passed down, while the one with the stronger card gets to keep theirs. The child of two Card Angels usually has the potential to be much stronger than their parents.

Out of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, the four that have a set are Kiran, Vari, [blank], and [blank].