Personality Edit

Charlotte is usually a kind-hearted and gentle person, trying to offer help where it is needed, and almost always sporting a genuine smile wherever she goes. She does however have a temper, and will erupt if you provoke her too much. After adopting Jirias, Charlotte started displaying a lot more motherly traits and got more responsible. This is reflected in her insisting on healthy meals, learning to be more strict, and building a higher patience, as well as learning how to cook well and taking essentially every household chore upon herself.

Appearance Edit

Charlotte is of rather short stature, especially when compared to the other Demon Lords, where the only person shorter than her is Belphegor. She has long, slightly wavy blonde hair that reaches her lower back and sky blue eyes. She is rather well-endowed. After transitioning to a Demon Lord, multiple things changed about Charlotte. For one, she grew two black ram horns, with blue glowing veins on the surface, and she grew large blue demonic wings as well. Later, she also started to grow a tail, which takes more time to fully develop. It looks like a standard demon tail; thin with a pointed end like an arrowhead. On top of that, to unlock her large amount of magical power sealed within her, she needed to make a sacrifice to Harold, the Supreme God of Death. In her case, she sacrificed her right arm, which turned into a demonic, fleshy mess, complete with spikes protruding from the surface, claws, and visible glowing veins.

Charlotte's clothing style is quite girly, most of her outfits really accentuating the innocent aura she had about her in the past. A look she desperately tries to cling on to now she has her demon arm. While she can, and often does, retract her horns and wings, she can not revert the changes to her arm and has to cover it up to hide it.

Trivia Edit

  • Charlotte is one of the only two documented cases of a Chess Piece acquiring a Chess Set of their own, the only other one being Risa.
  • Charlotte is by far the youngest of the current Demon Lords.
  • Charlotte is left handed, which is why she chose to sacrifice her right arm.
  • Despite Charlotte's demonic right arm looking very grotesque and painful, she is completely numb to pain in that part of her body. That, combined with the toughness of the fleshy looking skinless arm, leads to her using it as a shield on occasion.
  • For being a human, it is a miracle that she had enough dormant magical power to surpass Lucifuge, which would imply that some of her ancestors were incredible magic casters. An implication that is correct.